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 Hen Party Games


No pre wedding hen party, in fact, no girls' party would be complete without some rude games. Below is a selection of naughty party games which could be played. Some of these hen party games are better played before going out to get you in the mood. The choice is yours.

Choose Silly Names.

Before the hen night really gets going it can be a fun idea to give each other silly names . If someone forgets to call someone else by their hen night name they have to play a forfeit or a dare etc.

The Handbag

Every girl has to take 2 - 3 items from their handbags and place them in separate paper or plastic bag.

The host then opens each bag in turn and the others have to guess who the things belong to. This is a great ice breaker at the beginning of the party.

Pass the Vibrator

Similar to the cucumber sandwich. This can also be a good ice breaker. You have to pass the vibrator around the group using your chins. You cannot touch it with anything else. Trying to get a grip can be hysterical- especially if like the bad vibes vibrator it starts talking to you! You will certainly get to know people this way.

Sex Bingo

You each choose between 6-9 numbers (depending on the size of the group) between 1-50. When the host calls a number which is one you have chosen you have to quickly shout something that you would say whilst having sex. Another option is to make a noise you might make. When you are down to your last number you have to shout 'I'm coming' and when you have used all your numbers you have to shout out really loudly 'I'VE COME!!. 

Gosh! It can only happen at a hens night!!


Condom Crazy

An old tried and tested favourite.  Have you ever tried to put a condom on a courgette with your mouth?

This is really fun especially if the venue is darkish and you use glow in the dark condoms - although any, of course will do.

the winner is the quickest to completely cover the courgette using only their mouth.  Don't forget to have a fun prize and a loud cheer ready.

Something I have never done....

This one can get you very drunk so beware. One person starts by saying something they have never done such as:  "I have never gone out without wearing any knickers". Anyone who admits to having gone out without her knickers on has to quickly drink a shot of alcohol. Some people try to be honest without making it obvious and drink their shot on the quiet but keep your eye on them, I bet they're the quiet ones!

You carry on around the group, the drunker people get the naughtier they get too!

Cucumber Sandwiches

You simply sandwich a cucumber between your legs and pass it along the line.

The drunker you get the harder it gets. The winner is the last one standing with the cucumber comfortably sitting between her legs?  Hen Party Host, don't forget the prizes.

Treasure hunt with a difference

A few drinks beforehand may help with this one as you need courage! You can do this as individuals or teams depending how many of you there are.

You allow X amount of time - approx 15 mins - to complete the task and then your off.

The teams or individuals must then go around the venue and return within the allotted time with at least one naughty or cheeky item. Some ideas are:

An item of underwear from someone not within the group.

The telephone number of the most gorgeous bloke you can find, or even better still the bloke himself.

Rude food e.g. a cucumber or if you're greedy a marrow!!

Sex toy

etc etc

There can be a twist on this that you draw up a list of things only the hen has to get within the time limit.

Truth or Dare

The host usually asks the Questions. She goes around the group one at a time asking a saucy question.

If the person asked chooses 'Truth' She answers the questions and drinks down a shot of alcohol. (Drinks with naughty names make it more fun). It doesn't stop there however, that's too easy. They then have to reveal all the sordid details about it, like the person they did it with and when etc. If they then choose a dare because they cannot possibly go that far, they take a pre organised fun dare from a bag or hat. This could be kissing the most gorgeous bloke in the room etc.

About the wedding

This is a nice game to play nearer the beginning of the evening and can be taped as a memento for the bride to be.

Someone starts by saying 'I went to (the name of the bride to be) wedding and .....they then add a sentence. The next person then repeats the sentence and adds their own sentence and so on. When someone forgets the story they are out. The person left at the end with the best memory is the winner.

If you run out of ideas - shame on you - take a hen night dare card game that will keep you going, or what about 10 hen night challenges or a penis hoopla? Honestly whether you make the games up or buy them there really are hundreds of girls party games to get you all hysterical.

Many of these games will seem even funnier if you have naughty novelties with you such as willie wands or wobbling girls night our warning boppers on your head.  You will look quite ridiculous. But hey, if you can't enjoy a hen party!!!!

(Don't forget, someone doesn't have to be getting married to have a hen night out. Although that may be the traditional way, many people are now enjoying organised hen parties for all sorts of occasions. 

Some ideas of how to organise a hens night



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